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Wessy Institute is a foremost brand in the Nigeria Tailoring and Fashion Industry. With over 30 Years experience and existence in the business coupled with product acceptability and good patronage. It is our desire to re-define tailoring as a profession, as well as return dignity to the fashion industry. This we intend to achieve through training and retraining of tailors, with modern technologies. On the long run, the ultimate goal is to generate employment, encourage skill acquisition and develop entrepreneurial skills.
WESSY TAILORING AND VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE is a Nigeria based and privately owned fashion institute. It is the training arm of Wessy Creations Nigeria Limited, commissioned on the 25th April, 2018.
In recent times, it has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt globally, that Technical & Vocational Education/Training (TVET) is the right key needed to unlock and unleash the solution to the monstrous challenge posed by our socio-economic and technological underdevelopment especially in the Third World countries. It is also a known and proven fact that Vocational Training and Skills acquisition are major elements needed to stimulate human capital development in our society, with the capacity to create wealth and the much desired employment opportunities for our teeming graduate and youth population. In lieu of this, WESSY TAILORING AND VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE has mapped out a 40weeks (1st Batch) intensive training for individuals who have the aspiration to become ‘Professional fashion entrepreneurs’.
In lieu of this, WESSY TAILORING AND VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE has mapped out a 40weeks (1st Batch) intensive training for individuals who have the aspiration to become ‘Professional fashion entrepreneurs’.
Do you want to love where you Learn?
WESSY TAILORING AND VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE is the best platform to achieve that, because, we do not just offer the best Tailoring/ vocational education in Africa, We are equipped for effective vocational training and quality delivery for the improvement of youths, young adults and every individual who aspires to be fashion inclined through our information sharing, training, research, education and innovative interventions; bridging the gap between theory, policy and practice, in the fashion industry.
• Our faculty members will directly interact with students, train, groom, guide and assist with every single practical and theoretical projects as they learn and work throughout the course duration.
• The ambience of our studios and lecture halls makes learning not only effectively easier but also fast and fun.
• We are equipped with up to date technology in fashion and garment production industry, so, students’ will be leaving the school equipped to lead and compete favourably in the market.
• So, If you are dynamic, energetic and have a passion for a career in the creative industry, Wessy is the place to be. I welcome you to a rewarding career in the world of fashion.


Wessy Tailoring and Vocational Institute has acquired machines and other tools for massive production of tailored products. The machines which are fully computerized are capable of producing 1000-2000 units of some products in a day. Almost all the production stages including drafting, cutting, sewing, embroidery and finishing are driven by modern technology that delivers perfectly finished products. Our monograming, heat transfer and our related tailoring equipment very modern and produces products that meets international quality standard.



To establish an institute for skill acquisition and entrepreneurial skill development. Harnessing people’s potential for optimal use. To encourage the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship in youth. To train and produce citizens with proper leadership qualities. Inculcate in youths the spirit of self-reliance, self-actualization and self-sustenance.


To establish training ad retraining institute for Nigeria Tailors and Potential tailors To set up Tailoring vocational centres for skill acquisition. To set up a tailoring production hub for large scale production of various clothing materials. To produce exportable tailored products that are made in Nigeria. To promote collaborations with tertiary institutions in Entrepreneurial studies.



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30 Years of Experience in the Tailoring Profession